We invite you to slow down and observe... to pause in consciousness

Christophe André
"We're convinced that doing nothing leads to nothing. But sometimes, on the contrary, it leads to everything."

Awakening the five senses at Le Manoir

La Manoir invites you to consciously explore and cultivate your 5 senses, and why not your 6th?)
5 sens au Manoir des Sens

The view

Take in the view, the nature, the Taennchel massif, the decor, the many hidden Buddhas that you can have fun counting... In short, stop for a moment and look around you

in short, stop for a moment and look around you.

sentir pleine conscience 5 sens séjour repos détente

The sense of smell

You'll always smell a perfume in the corridors or on the small veranda. Have fun recognizing the scent of the day.

pleine conscience Alsace séjour stage bien-être


Music, the sound of creaking wood, birdsong, the gentle melody of the forest just beyond... Pay attention, the house is alive and talking to you..
argile médicament stage Jade Allègre survie communication animale


Local produce, beer specially created for you, homemade dishes, honey from the garden. Tantalize your taste buds at the Manoir des sens
zen méditation pleine conscience Christophe André


Go for a walk in the garden or forest and touch the leaves of trees or shrubs. Walk barefoot to feel the full sensation of the soles of your feet on the parquet floor in your bedroom or dining room. You'll love it!


Simple, but only in appearance!

In a few words, it's living in the present moment and becoming aware of it. It means making yourself available and open to the present moment, without judgment or the aim of "doing well".

In our modern lives, where slowness, calm and peace are sorely lacking, this approach gives us an opportunity to slow down, listen to our sensations and observe the world around us as it is.

Here are the characteristic actions of the practice:

- Open your attention as much as possible to the whole of your personal experience of the moment: breathing rhythm, body sensations, emotional state, thoughts that come and go.
- Do not try to judge, and direct this experience towards the present moment.

- Observe emotions rather than analyze them.

Forest bathing

randonnée rocher sentier GR5 hébergement Thannenkirch

Come and recharge your batteries in the forest of the Taennchel massif. Here you can stroll along the many hiking trails within walking distance of the house. You'll also be able to fully experience the benefits of forest bathing or sylvotherapy.

Jean-Marie Defossez

"Numerous scientific studies demonstrate the positive effects of trees, forests and nature on well-being and health. This research has been published internationally in the fields of neuroscience (see Professor Miyazaki's excellent work), environmental psychology and medicine. Simple walks in the forest have been shown to increase "stamina", reduce stress (anxiety, depression, anger) and boost immunity. The proximity of trees also improves brain development and function in both adults and children. More detailed lists of effects on the body are sometimes given on certain websites. So, the scientifically-proven benefits of sylvotherapy are linked to "simple" forest outings (walking, sensory immersion, putting the body in motion)." Jean-Marie Defossez
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